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  • Testimonials

    • Truly I want to take this opportunity to express to you how grateful we are for you. Mike Miller(Consumer Financial Services) you and your company are Top of the Line.If the World had more business and people like you, this place would be awesome. Mike you are a man of integrity, honesty, trustworthy, respectful, Busy mind and so much more when come to your Company because you deliver what you said you could do for our household here in Suffolk, Virginia. Thank you Again for all of your hard work, sweat, headaches, frustration. I’m praying that God will bless you richly and abundantly in everything you put your hands to in JESUS Name ,Amen.

      Shirlynn M Cowell
    • This is a testimonial about Michael Miller. It has been a wonderful plan for me. Our mortgage payment has been lowered and we are now able to save some money and get caught up on some of our other bills. Michael has been a great help in this struggling economy. I would recommend this program to anyone who is having a problem making their mortgage payment.

      Rita Steele
    • I am a longshoreman and, because of the economy, work became very slow at the terminals. As a result of the work slowdown I fell behind on my mortgage. I was referred to Michael Miller with Consumer Financial Services and he helped my by getting my mortgage payment reduced from $3,032.00 per month to $1,726.00 per month. Michael Miller helped me save my home. If you want to speak with me, my telephone number is on file in Mr. Miller’s office.

      Henry Rawls
    • I was unable to make my monthly mortgage payment. I was 7 months behind and the bank had started the foreclosure process on my home. A friend referred mt to Michael Miller at Consumer Financial Services. Mr. Miller was able to get the sell date moved back. I had a first mortgage for $1544.00 and a second mortgage for $425 each month for a total of $1969.00. Michael Miller had my first and second mortgages combined and the payment reduced to $1,248.00 and I am now current. If you want to speak to me, call the office, my number is on file.

      Estelle Jerome
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